Assisting the transition of the Ocean Shield from Defence to Australian Border Force

CLIENT| Australian Border Force
LOCATION| Canberra


Image of the Australian Border Force vessel Ocean Shield at sea.
The Ocean Shield Transition Project was established to transfer the Ocean Shield from the Australian Department of Defence to Australian Border Force where it operates as an offshore patrol vessel.

Australian Border Force (ABF) established the Ocean Shield Transition Project in 2014 to facilitate transfer of the Australian Defence Vessel (ADV) Ocean Shield from the Australian Department of Defence to the ABF fleet.

The ABF Cutter Ocean Shield would become the largest vessel by far in the ABF fleet, with gross tonnage of 8,368, length overall (LOA) of 110.9 metres and a beam of 22 metres. The transfer from Defence included a support contract that provided crew, maintenance support and logistics support.

The Ocean Shield Transition Project consisted of several major tasks including to establish, recruit and train an ABF crew, and to design and implement on-board IT systems, including a Computerised Maintenance Management System (CMMS).

The project team also needed to develop a safety management system in accordance with regulatory and statutory requirements, create a maintenance support model as well as an issue request for tender and contract.

Other tasks included transferring vessel logistics support to ABF and transitioning all elements to business as usual while identifying any necessary business transformation.

To deliver the project, CAPDA Consulting provided project management, engineering support, integrated logistics support, project support as well as commercial and financial services support.