Our services can help you achieve more

We offer a range of services to the public and private sectors. From project, program and portfolio management through to business strategy and planning and assisting businesses with government tenders, CAPDA Consulting’s team can deliver solutions tailored to your needs.

Services to the public and private sectors

Project Management

CAPDA Project Managers are leaders in ensuring your projects are delivered on-time, on-budget and within scope.

Programme Management

CAPDA specialists can assist you deliver your business transformation though industry best-practice Program Management techniques.

Change & Benefits Management

CAPDA will help you design, implement and shape your change journey whilst helping you plan, manage and realise the intended benefits of change.

Procurement & Contract Management

CAPDA procurement and contracting professionals are experienced in undertaking high value and high risk procurement and contracting. CAPDA professionals ensure the common thread is maintained through strategic objectives, requirements, procurement evaluation and contract performance.

Systems Engineering

Our approach to Systems Engineering recognises the overlap between technical and human-centered disciplines ensuring that all likely aspects of a project or system are considered, and integrated into a whole.


CAPDA deliver both Integrated Logistic Support and Supply Chain services. For both, CAPDA model the complexity of the logistics system to deliver optimal solutions to specification, while minimising the use of resources.

Portfolio Management

CAPDA supports your organisation in the centralised coordination and management of the processes, methods, and technologies used by projects and programmes throughout your organisation to ensure consistent, coherent alignment and prioritisation of your portfolio of change to manage, mitigate and thereby reduce the risk of change.

Agile, Prince2Agile & Scaled Agile Implementations and Coaching

CAPDA provides experienced professionals that can lead your teams through the delivery of complex and high risk projects, programmes and portfolios using techniques tailored to your organisational needs and culture. Methodology and practice agnostic, CAPDA recognises there is no ‘one size fits all’ solution and tailors the appropriates methods and practices to meet our clients’ needs, not the other way around.

Capability & Gateway Reviews

We can assist you to assess your organisational, portfolio, program and project capability using Gateway Review and other industry best practice tools and techniques.


CAPDA offers assurance to client Programs, Projects, Change Management, Procurement, Contracting, Engineering Design and Production, Technology Design and Production and Logistics. Our teams of qualified and experienced professionals bring specific domain knowledge to bear in order to undertake short intensive evidence based reviews.

Portfolio, Program and Project Office Management

CAPDA is capable of delivering a complete PMO solution, tailored and scaled to your needs. A defined outcome for your organisation. We also provide augmentation services to support, coach and develop the capability and thereby capacity of your existing PMO, whether it operates at a project, programme or portfolio level, or across all three. We set ourselves high standards that our clients can rely upon to deliver high quality outputs and outcomes.

Enterprise & Solution Architecture

CAPDA can offer experienced Enterprise and Solution Architects to help your organisation decipher complex problems and describe your organisational or technical goals. We understand organisations have unique challenges, at the same time, we utilise industry best-practice techniques, models and methods to describe your problem-space.

International Development Program Evaluation & Project Gateway Review

CAPDA can provide Development Program Evaluation & Project Gateway Review in the public sector and international development domains - against the investment core criteria and effectiveness, efficiency, and sustainability objectives.

Assisting business with government tenders

Market Positioning & Opportunity Assessments

CAPDA can provide a business with the win likelihood based on the government approach to market and related activities.This service is important to ensure that further investment in the opportunity is warranted.

Requirements Analysis

CAPDA undertakes an analysis of the solicitation documentation to provide the business with an assessment of the capability required to meet government agency detailed specification. The analysis matches the government agency need to the business capability.

Win Strategies & Story-boarding

CAPDA can assist your business to focus on how to score highest on the evaluation factors for contract award, development of the win strategy, Counteracting competitors’ probable approaches and advantages and risk assessments.

Solutions & Concepts

CAPDA professionals work with your domain experts to focus upon on development of the technical approach, your competitive advantage competitors’ approaches and responding to RFT/Q.

Proposal Development

CAPDA professionals can assist your organisation to prepare competitive proposals to government clients.

Business strategy and planning

Strategic Planning

CAPDA assists business with strategic planning and development of capability through:

- Strategic Planning
- Business Case Development
- Sourcing Options
- Investment Decisions
- Implementation
- Logistics (Integrated Logistic Support and Supply Chain)