Our services can help you achieve more

We offer a range of professional services to the public and private sectors. From project, program and portfolio management to business strategy and planning, CAPDA Consulting’s team of experienced consultants can deliver solutions tailored to your needs.

Services to the public and private sectors

CAPDA Consulting can help your business achieve its goals from concept development through to delivery of a capability, project or program. Our range of services include: 

Assisting business with government tenders

We provide a comprehensive service to businesses looking to find or expand business opportunities in government. Our team also has specialist knowledge for businesses seeking to enter the Defence industry marketplace. Our service includes:

Services to the public and private sectors

Project management

CAPDA Consulting’s project managers are leaders in ensuring your projects are delivered on-time, on-budget and within scope. Our project managers are experienced and qualified in a range of project management disciplines including:

  • traditional approaches to project management
  • PRINCE2 and PMBOK methodologies
  • Critical chain project management (CCPM)
  • Lean project management with a Six Sigma focus
  • Agile project management, such as Scrum

They will work with you to identify and manage challenges to the delivery of your project goals and address these early and proactively. Our project managers will also seek to optimise resource allocation and integrate resources to meet pre-defined objectives.

Change and benefits management

CAPDA Consulting will help you design, implement and shape your change journey while helping you plan, manage and realise the intended benefits of change. Our approach to change and benefits management is people focused with stakeholder engagement and communication as major components. Our overall approach includes:

  • articulating the need for change and a sense of urgency
  • establishing the guiding team and governance structures
  • developing the vision and strategy for change
  • communicating and achieving buy in of a critical mass
  • empowering people to act, as not all change can be foreseen with a top-down approach
  • recognise and commending wins
  • sustaining the momentum after initial wins
  • embedding and settling the new culture


CAPDA Consulting delivers both integrated logistic support and supply chain services. For both, we model the complexity of a logistics system to deliver optimal solutions to specification, while minimising the use of resources.
In support of complex materiel-based projects or systems, CAPDA provides an integrated and iterative process for developing capability solutions that:

  • optimise functional support and benefit to operations
  • leverage existing resources that may be held by the organisation
  • quantify and lower the life cycle costs including maintenance, spares support, training and facilities
  • make the system easier to support through an effective supply chain.

CAPDA Consulting will plan and manage the flow of resources between the point of origin and the point of consumption to meet your supply chain needs. Resources we are experienced in managing include physical items, such as food, materials, equipment, liquids, and staff, but also abstract items, such as time and information.

Procurement and contract management

CAPDA Consulting’s procurement and contracting professionals are experienced in undertaking high value and high risk procurement and contracting. Our professionals ensure the common thread is maintained through strategic objectives, capability requirements, procurement evaluation criteria and contract performance measures.
CAPDA Consulting procurement and contracting service covers the whole process of procuring products or services and managing their acceptance and delivery. Our approach includes:

  • establishing need
  • defining capability-based requirements
  • preparing a business case supporting the capability requirements with costs, benefits and risks articulated
  • analysing sourcing options
  • approaching the market to invite submissions
  • evaluating submissions
  • recommending contract awards
  • managing delivery of products and services under the awarded contract.

Portfolio management

CAPDA Consulting can support your organisation in the centralised coordination and management of processes, methods, and technologies used by projects and programs throughout your organisation. Our approach ensures consistent and coherent alignment and prioritisation of your portfolio of change to manage, mitigate and reduce the risk of change.

Program management

CAPDA Consulting’s specialists can assist you to deliver your business transformation though industry best-practice program management techniques. Our program managers can take responsibility for:

  • oversight of the purpose and status of all projects within a program to ensure the right projects are identified
  • supporting project-level activity to ensure the overall program goals are met
  • identifying and managing cross-project dependencies to gain insight of the risks, issues, requirements, designs or solutions.


CAPDA Consulting offers assurance to client programs, projects, change management, procurement, contracting, engineering design and production, logistics and technology design and production.
We do this by assembling small teams of qualified and experienced professionals within specific domains to undertake short intensive evidence-based reviews. Our teams assess:

  • the progress of activities against strategic requirements and specific objectives
  • the robustness of technical solutions – from vessel design to ICT systems
  • the capacity of a business to implement change and realise its benefits
  • stakeholder buy-in
  • the performance of program and project teams
  • governance arrangements
  • value for money
  • risk and issues management including identification, reporting and mitigation or contingency
  • lessons learned and continuous improvement.

CAPDA Consulting’s professionals deliver assurance reports with evidence-based findings and recommendations. A report output may comprise a digital dashboard and an assessment of the urgency and criticality to implement recommendations.

Portfolio, program and Project Office Management (PMO)

CAPDA Consulting can deliver you a complete PMO solution, tailored and scaled to your needs. We also provide augmentation services to support, coach and develop the capability and capacity of your existing PMO, whether it operates at a project, program or portfolio level, or across all three.

Agile, Prince2Agile and scaled Agile implementations and coaching

CAPDA Consulting’s experienced professionals can lead your teams through the delivery of complex and high-risk projects, programs and portfolios using techniques tailored to your organisation’s needs and culture. Methodology and practice agnostic, CAPDA recognises there is no ‘one size fits all’ solution and tailors the appropriate methods and practices to meet your business needs.

Systems engineering

In CAPDA Consulting, systems engineering deals with work-processes, optimisation methods, and risk management. Our systems engineering specialists focus on how to design and manage complex engineering projects over their life cycles.
Issues such as reliability, logistics, coordination of different teams, requirements management, evaluation measurements, and other disciplines become more difficult when dealing with large, complex projects.
Our approach to systems engineering recognises the overlap between technical and human-centred disciplines ensuring that all likely aspects of a project or system are considered and integrated into a whole.

Enterprise and solution architecture

CAPDA Consulting offers experienced enterprise and solution architects to help your organisation decipher complex problems and describe your organisational or technical goals.
Our team uses industry best-practice techniques, models and methods to help describe your problem-space and enable your build team to deliver outcomes that meet user needs.
We are experienced in leading Agile Software Development teams, and iterative and test-driven architectural methods. Importantly, our architects are cross-skilled in program and project management and management consulting. This means they understand how architectural efforts relate to delivery, the management of cost, as well as one of the most important aspects – communication.

Business strategy and planning

CAPDA assists business with strategic planning and development of capability through:

  • Strategic Planning
  • Business Case Development
  • Sourcing Options
  • Investment Decisions
  • Implementation
  • Logistics (Integrated Logistic Support and Supply Chain)

Capability and Gateway Reviews

We can assist you to assess your organisational, portfolio, program and project capability using Gateway Review and other industry best practice tools and techniques.

International development program evaluation and project Gateway Review

CAPDA can provide Development Program Evaluation & Project Gateway Review in the public sector and international development domains - against the investment core criteria and effectiveness, efficiency, and sustainability objectives.

Assisting business with government tenders

Market positioning and opportunity assessments

CAPDA Consulting can provide your business with the win likelihood based on the government approach to market and related activities. This service is important to ensure that further investment by your business in an opportunity is warranted.
Consideration typically includes:

  • summarising the government agency’s intent and objectives
  • analysing the market, competitor(s) and teaming partners
  • identifying strengths and weaknesses of the business compared to the government agency’s intent and objectives.

Win strategies and storyboarding

CAPDA Consulting can assist your business to focus on how to score highest on the evaluation factors for winning a specific government contract. We can help you with developing a win strategy, counteracting competitors’ probable approaches and advantages, and with conducting risk assessments. CAPDA Consulting will also assist your business to focus on:

  • estimate price-to-win based on customer budget versus budgets awarded, performance risk, anticipated proposal risk, discriminators, and other factors
  • plan the resources required to develop a complete submission or proposal
  • a tactical execution paper for submission authors to follow in a coherent manner.

Requirements analysis

CAPDA Consulting will undertakes an analysis of solicitation documentation to provide your business with an assessment of the capability required to meet the government agency’s detailed specification. The analysis matches the government agency need to your business’s capability.

Proposal development

CAPDA Consulting’s professionals can assist your organisation to prepare competitive
proposals to government clients. We address the structure of the submission first to:

  • develop section writing plans (storyboards and mock-ups) to be developed by the authors
  • understand the key issues of compliance and responsiveness

Solutions and concepts

CAPDA Consulting’s professionals work with your domain experts to focus on identifying your competitive advantage, developing the best technical approach, identifying your competitors’ approaches, and responding to a Request for Tender (RFT) or Quote (RFQ). We will work with you to determine:

  • how well your team is developing your business’s technical approach and supporting documents and any skills and experience gaps in your team
  • whether your technical solution in the form of a notional system concept fulfils the customer’s requirements
  • whether your approach provides a competitive advantage and differentiates you from competitors
  • how you will pre-sell your approach with government and other stakeholders
  • how well you understand your competitors’ approaches
  • the extent to which it is possible to lock in the solution or concept, allowing time to develop a detailed submission in a coherent manner before solicitation documents are issued by government.
  • ensure the relevance and cohesiveness of section strategies
  • identify the features and benefits, discriminators and themes so they come through in the submission.
  • With the structure set, CAPDA professionals work with your team to write the submission.