Tiaan Wolzak

Chief Information Officer

Senior Consultant, Project Manager & Architect

BSc(Computer Science), Adv. Diploma Aviation, Diploma Government

Tiaan is a consummate ICT Strategist who is also experienced at ICT project delivery.  He has the full spectrum of delivery experience, from project definition and delivery through to transition into service activities and contract management.

Tiaan also brings his decade of military experience to bear in the ICT domain, specifically as a leader and through the disciplined application of process and procedure.  He has made a specific effort to diversify his government technology experience by pursuing work in a wide variety of domains.  Tiaan has worked in the health, defence, statistics and intelligence domains as well as non-government organisations such as Lifeline and the United Nations.

Tiaans primary value proposition is to bring order to complex challenges such that they can be overcome to the benefit of all stakeholders.  His focus on orderly problem solving has helped multiple clients.  Tiaan is also a leader, and relishes the opportunity to guide teams successfully through the challenges of complex technology delivery.

Business Skills

  • Project Management
  • Contract Management
  • Enterprise & Business Architecture
  • ICT Strategy
  • Capability Development