Programme Management

CAPDA operate in an environment where two different views are held of program management. CAPDA subscribe to the capability based view that projects deliver outputs, whilst programs create business change and deliver outcomes and measurable improvements.

CAPDA acknowledge the alternate view that a program is nothing more than a set of projects, where the point of having a program is to exploit economies of scale and to reduce coordination costs and risks. CAPDA believe the latter view is a subset of the former view. The former and wider view is consistent with CAPDA focus upon “making strategy happen” and consistent with our approach to:

  • Systems Engineering
  • Capability Realisation, and
  • Business Change.

Our approach typically sees CAPDA Program Managers:

  • With oversight of the purpose and status of all projects in a program to ensure the right projects are identified
  • Using this oversight to support project-level activity to ensure the overall program goals are likely to be met.
  • Identifying and managing cross-project dependencies to gain insight of the risks, issues, requirements, designs or solutions.