Supporting Linfox bid to win Defence logistics contract

CLIENT| Linfox  
LOCATION| Victoria 


Admiral Thomas and Linfox's Mr Lindsay Fox sign a contract surrounded by team members from the Department of Defence and from industry.
Admiral Thomas and Mr Lindsay Fox (centre front) sign a contract for a Defence Logistic Transformation Program (DLTP) contract. Also pictured are key participants from the Department of Defence and the industry teams involved with delivering the DLTP.

Linfox, a leading Australian commercial logistics supplier, identified a need for defence logistic expertise and insights to assist with developing a tender response for the Australian Department of Defence’s Defence Logistics Program (DLP).  

The DLP was a nationwide project aimed at improving the Australian Department of Defence’s warehousing, distribution and land materiel maintenance functions to better support the Australian Defence Force (ADF). 

CAPDA Consulting provided Linfox insight into military logistics and the Department of Defence’s tender process. CAPDA Consulting’s logistic professionals also assisted Linfox with tender management and supervision to develop a successful tender response. 

Linfox successfully negotiated a contract with an initial term of five years with the Department of Defence for the provision of warehouse and distribution services for Defence across Australia.