International Development Program Evaluation & Project Gateway Review

CAPDA specialists are drawn from a broad pool of Australian and international practitioners who are expert in the evaluation of public sector operations and projects. They deliver assessment based upon the investment core criteria and other principles such as OECD-DAC sustainability, effectiveness and efficiency across all modalities. CAPDA will deploy and sustain in-country teams with the capacity and capability to develop comprehensive reporting and recommendation.

Our Associates operating in the International Development arena are senior practitioners who typically have shared experience across:

  • International development throughout the Asia Pacific region
  • Diplomatic experience across developing and developed countries
  • Development and implementation of strategic program architecture; program performance, quality, program design and implementation
  • Research, Monitoring, Evaluation, Learning and reporting
  • Australian Government donor systems and processes (finances, risk, fraud, contracts and grant management)
  • Political and economic analysis and reporting
  • Bilateral and regional negotiations
  • Country evaluations and validations, corporate, and thematic evaluations
  • Performance Assessment Frameworks
  • Development and implementation of national and program level strategy