Change & Benefits Management

CAPDA will help you design, implement and shape your change journey whilst helping you plan, manage and realise the intended benefits of change.

The approach CAPDA takes to managing business change and in particular the softer ‘people and culture’ elements are a key determinant of the likelihood of success or failure of Change Programs.

We advocate that the strategy must be based on one of wide scale communication and engagement to gain ‘buy-in’ of the workforce and the wider stakeholders so that the changes are ‘pulled’ willingly into and widely adopted by the organisation, rather than being seen to be ‘pushed’ or imposed by external parties or senior management.

CAPDA professionals encourage engagement, reward the right behaviours and develop the desire (‘the pull’) to change ensuring change is adopted and self-sustaining. The effort and timescale for such change is often significant and requires strong, consistent and coherent leadership from all management levels with particular emphasis on leadership by example, particularly with regard to values and behaviours. CAPDA professional apply the following approach:

  • Articulate the need for change and sense of urgency
  • Establish the guiding team and governance structures
  • Develop the vision and strategy for change
  • Communicate and achieve buy in of a critical mass
  • Empower people to act as not all change can be foreseen with top down approach
  • Recognise and commend wins
  • Sustain the momentum after initial wins
  • Embed and settle the new culture