CAPDA provides assurance to Programs, Projects, Change Management, Procurement, Contracting, Engineering Design and Production, Technology Design and Production and Logistics. We do this by assembling small teams of qualified and experienced professionals within specific domains to undertake short intensive evidence based reviews.

Our teams assess:

  • Progress of Activities against Strategic requirement and specific objectives
  • The robustness of technical solutions (from vessel design to ICT systems)
  • The capacity of the Business to implement change and realise the benefits
  • Stakeholder buy-in
  • The performance of program/project teams
  • Governance arrangements
  • Value for Money
  • Risk and Issues management including identification, reporting and mitigation/contingency
  • Lessons Learned & Continuous Improvement

CAPDA professionals deliver Assurance Reports with factual based findings and actionable recommendations. A Report output may comprise a digital dashboard and an assessment of the urgency and criticality to implement recommendations.