Enterprise & Solution Architecture

CAPDA can offer skilled Enterprise and Solution Architects to its clients.

Each organisation is different, and at the same time, many organisational patterns are common. Our team can balance the need to understand the unique challenges of your organisation, while bringing their experience of the Architecture and Strategy discipline to the table.  This allows our team to use industry best-practice models, processes and concepts in order to describe your organisation, it’s goals and how to navigate to those goals.

Much like our experience in Systems Engineering, Program and Project Management, we are able to describe complex systems using appropriate architectural methods.  This enables build teams’ delivery of outcomes that meet users needs.

We are also experienced in leading Agile Software Development teams, and therefore iterative and test-driven architectural methods.

Importantly, our architects are cross-skilled in programme and project management and management consulting. They are therefore able to understand how architectural efforts relate to delivery, the management of cost, as well as one of the the most important aspects – communication.